2024 GMC Canyon Extended Dimension, Availability

2024 GMC Canyon Extended Dimension, Availability – As a premium Colorado, the GMC Canyon is aimed at urban and family shoppers who want a luxury truck-owning experience. A softer suspension and a more opulent interior go hand in hand for a smoother ride in the Canyon, which shares its underpinnings with the Chevrolet Colorado. When it comes to family-hauling vehicles, it’s an excellent choice. On the other hand, the Elevation makes more sense to us since, for a small premium, you get a more sumptuous and well-appointed inside with additional amenities to make your time inside the vehicle more pleasant. Dealer discounts on higher trims will further minimize price differences between models, making it a viable alternative for many buyers.

2024 GMC Canyon Extended Exterior
2024 GMC Canyon Extended Exterior

2024 GMC Canyon Extended Redesign

There is no denying that the 2024 GMC Canyon Extended Cab is an attractive vehicle. Instead of Colorado’s sporty fascia, this one is more refined and classy looking in comparison. The Canyon has a lot of chrome treatment on its front and even on its sides because it was created for the city. These iconic GMC truck shapes—the wide rectangular grille, rounded wheel arches, and squared-off corner bed step—are all at home on the Canyon. The design isn’t very appealing, and we don’t even like how it looks. Said, it’s a good fit for the city’s traffic and blends in nicely.

By comparison, both the Canyon and Colorado are the most significant vehicles here, while the Tacoma Access Cab can barely keep up. Again, the Ranger is the smallest bunch, but it still has a more considerable road presence than the others. Additionally, it weighs 4,145 pounds. GMC and Chevrolet have longer wheelbases of 128.3 inches, but Toyota has the most ground clearance of any vehicle today.

2024 GMC Canyon Extended Interior
2024 GMC Canyon Extended Interior


GMC is like Chevrolet’s posher sibling. In contrast to Chevy’s practical vehicles, GMC adds a dash of elegance. Canyon and Colorado share some similarities in this regard. Even though the Canyon’s cabin has many architectural aspects to Colorado’s, the former is a far more pleasant location to stay. The middle stack is adorned with simple dials and knobs, yet the tiny touchscreen is squeezed by tall, broad vents like mob enforcers on a CI. The plastic toggle switches for peripheral devices in the central stack are convenient and accessible, but they appear cheap in more expensive trims.

The interior design is hit-or-miss, and while it is adequate for most purposes, this cabin lacks a particular wow factor. On either hand, the front seats are pretty cozy and roomy. They may be customized to fit persons of all sizes and shapes because of the tremendous adjustability they offer. In theory, the Canyon can seat five people, but the back seats don’t provide much room in practice. The extended cab isn’t the Canyon’s most many cabin option. We recommend the Crew Cab version of the Canyon if you need to put three people in the back because the extended cab can only carry two people.

2024 GMC Canyon Extended Engine
2024 GMC Canyon Extended Engine


The 2024 GMC Canyon comes standard with a 2.5L inline-4 engine that generates 200 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque. While this may be enough for a sedan or a hatchback, it is noticeably slow and sluggish in a pickup truck that must tow a substantial amount of weight and carry part of it in the vehicle’s bed. You can crank all the power out of this motor with the help of a 6-speed automatic transmission, but the engine groans in anguish while you do so.

As a result, we urge you to skip the 2.5L I4 and instead opt for the 3.6L V6 with 310 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque. There is an eight-speed automatic transmission available to go with this powertrain. Elevation Standard and Elevation trims have the V6 engine as an option. It elevates the Canyon to the status of one of the class’s fastest midsize pickups. You also have a diesel model, which will be discussed in its review. The 2024 GMC Canyon Extended Cab is particularly adept on rocky and uneven roads, absorbing most flaws and muting harshness while maintaining a smooth ride. The Canyon rides comfortably and steadily at motorway speeds.

2024 GMC Canyon Extended Price and Release Date

Only two trim levels are offered for the 2024 GMC Canyon Extended Cab: Elevation Standard and Elevation. Even while the base 2.5L Inline-4 engine and 2WD configuration of the Elevation start at roughly $27,995, the costs tend to rise quickly with larger engines and better-specced trims. The GMC Canyon Extended Cab 2024 model year is already on the market and ready for purchase. With the truck being up for orders, you can get your hands on one of them right away!

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